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Frequently Asked Questions

What do duck and goose eggs taste like?
    To me they taste very similar to chicken eggs, although some people seem to taste a difference and prefer one or the other. I did a side by side taste test and the duck eggs tasted a little bit more like meat to me. When you hard boil duck or goose eggs, the whites can be rubbery especially if overcooked. I like them scrambled or fried. Some people add a little water or milk to the eggs when making scramble eggs. They are excellent when used in baking or other cooking.

Do you sell ducks, geese or duck hatching eggs?
    No. My duck eggs are not fertile and I don't breed ducks or geese. I got my ducklings and goslings from Metzer Farms if you want to raise them up from babies.

When are goose eggs available?
    My 2 geese only lay from February until the middle of May.